YOGA WITH ROSA, Yoga Alliance 500 RYT


Can I do Yoga?

YES!! You do not have to be young, athletic or flexible to begin a yoga practice. However, after a regular practice you may find yourself feeling younger, more athletic and more  flexible!

What is Yoga with Rosa?

Rosa emphasizes the breath with every pose. Learning how to breathe properly is important both on and off the mat. An old yogi said, "If you're not breathing fully, you're not living fully." It all starts here.

Rosa brings awareness with each pose to the energy of the universe, the chakras and Mother Earth.

Why Private Classes?

Rosa has discovered that each individual has their own intention and needs which vary from class to class. Private classes allow 100% focus on each client as they show up for that class. Modifications for injuries, spiritual and mental states can be personalized for each class. There is no  intimidation factor or need to keep up with a group.

$50/hour, $70/ 90 minutes

Tibetan & Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Each indoor class ends with Gongs, Tibetan and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls , Chimes and more while the student rests in Savasana.

Chair Assisted Yoga

If getting up and down from the floor is a challenge for you but you want to practice yoga - this is the class for you. Some of the poses will be practiced while sitting on the chair and others while you are standing using the chair for support or for balance. The exciting part of this class is the experience of a deep yoga practice that helps you become more independent of the chair as the weeks progress. Your balance, strength and flexibility will improve.

In this class you will learn and practice yoga breathing techniques along with the asanas. Each class will end with a sitting meditation with alchemy crystal and tibetan singing bowls, a gong and other sacred sounding instruments… a blissful experience for all.

FREE Wednesdays 9:00-10:00 AM

Little Compton Wellness Center        115 East Main Road, Litle Compton, RI

$12 Fridays 10:30-11:30

Nanaquaket Yoga Studio                      2490 Main Road Tiverton, RI

* Rosa and client for an early morning class at South Shore Beach